Susy: Responsive grids for Compass.

Your markup. Your design. Our math.

The web is a responsive place, from your lithe & lively development process to your end-user’s super-tablet-multi-magic-lap-phone. You need grids that are powerful yet custom, reliable yet responsive.

Seems like a really neat Compass based responsive grid. I’m probably going to try this out soon. Mousing over the logo at the top of the page shows some nice CSS3 animations too.

Why Frontend Engineering?

Thinking about “The Rise of Frontend Engineering”

I’ve been doing web development in one form or another since roughly the beginning of 2000. My own recent specialization into what is commonly referred to Frontend Engineering, had me thinking about creating a resource for this specialization of web engineer. I’ve kept a laundry list of features, and content ideas, and I hope to begin making this a real resource for other engineers like me in this niche of engineering. I’m starting the site simple, with little or no customizations, and as the site progresses, I’ll try to make it an example of best practices. A tall order, but one I hope to fulfill, so for now, please keep your stones in your pockets, while I kick the tires on this thing, and see what becomes of it.

I’ll be doing a lot of linking, with short commentary alongside it. And of course, I want to write long form articles as well. More to come soon.

Why Frontend Engineering

To me, this field has always been around, possibly mostly forged by Yahoo originally(?). I’ll probably explore the origins, the definitions, and the reasons as to why this thing we’ve always done in some capacity, now has a name, and now people can specialize in it, and get jobs doing it specifically. This specialization in our industry, has fascinated me for the last two years or so, so let’s have a discussion about it, and become better at it, together.


Kevin Ridgway

Getting Started with SASS

Unlike regular CSS, Sass’ SCSS is a real scripting language, with expressions, functions, variables, conditional logic, and loops. You don’t have to use all of these features to get some benefit out of Sass, but they’re there if you need them, and on large projects they can make complex or repetitive CSS much easier to write.

A great introduction to SASS, which is my CSS preprocessor of choice.