A Podcast

Two ideas smashed together for me recently. One is that The Rise of Frontend Engineering needs a podcast. And second, that I should do the first episode on something I use daily - Chrome Dev Tools.

Credit goes to Justin Jackson of MegaMaker.co. On his latest podcast episode, he talked about how he started the podcast. It clicked for me, I had started a podcast some time ago, that was put on hiatus when my wife and I had our first child. And when Justin talked about his podcast, it made me think, that I know how to do that, and I bet I could get The Rise of Frontend Engineering’s up pretty quickly (30 minutes). I was partly right! (4 hours). So thanks to Justin for the inspiration.

The second thing was that I recently posted a long answer on Stackoverflow about how to use Chrome Dev Tools. I thought, this is something I use every day, and is an invaluable tool for me. I have a lot of experience with it, why don’t I share some of that knowledge? Made perfect sense to do it here.

Check out the first episode of The Rise of Frontend Engineering Podcast