Five Frontend Things Friday #9

Here are five things in the Frontend Engineering world, that I found interesting…

  1. Spellbook of Modern Web Dev - A gargantuan list of resources for a Frontend Engineer. Don’t get overwhelmed, just pick a few to read up on every few days. :)
  2. Building better developers by specifying criteria of success - Austin Cheney, on his github account, states in the readme, The goal of this repository is to provide some structure and educational direction for web developers so that they can earn that rockstar status at their own pace. I like the tone of this repo.
  3. Introducing kyt — Our Web App Configuration Toolkit - From the NY Times Open blog, “There is a need for a tool that exists in between large boilerplates and their customizable toolsets. That’s why we built kyt (pronounced “kit”). kyt is designed to abstract away complicated configurations and allow developers to focus on writing their source code, while still having the power to make important choices about their app. It provides a solid base for building web apps in Node, while being flexible enough to be useful for a variety of projects.” Seems like a sensible approach to kickstarting a web project.
  4. Techniques for decomposing React components - From David Tang, an Architect at Atlassian on the DailyJS Medium blog, he reveals a few pro tips for intermediate to advanced React users. Good post on some things that I do know in React, only after being in the weeds for awhile.
  5. Introduction to Sets in JavaScript - From the Alligator website, an intro to ES6 sets object type in JavaScript. Cool intro to this new object type that you can use if you’re on the ES6 train.

Keep Rising,

Kevin B. Ridgway

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