Five Frontend Things Friday #12

Here are five things in the Frontend Engineering world, that I found interesting…

  1. Improving Web Performance to Mirror Engine Speed - From Jonas Badalic over on the Algolia blog he talks about how they improved the performance of their website, using Chrome Dev Tools.

  2. Animation in Design Systems - From Sarah Drasner, over on the wonderful 24ways site. She speaks to working in Animation into your Design System, and why it’s important. Working on doing this myself.

  3. NPM SCRIPTS AS YOUR BUILD TOOL - From Elijah Manor, over on his personal site, these are the slides to his talk about Npm Scripts. Oh. My. You need to go through these slides, I don’t think you know how powerful Npm Scripts can be for your Frontend project. Doooooo it.

  4. Shoelace - “A back to the basics CSS starter kit. For when you don’t need the whole boot.” Oooo this looks nice.

  5. How do I get started with V8 development? - From Franziska Hinkelmann, Compiler Engineer at Google. Great short article for when you want to poke at what REALLY runs your JavaScript code. ;) I’m tempted to do this. #nerd #youloveit

Keep Rising,

Kevin B. Ridgway

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