Five Frontend Things Friday #15

Here are five things in the Frontend Engineering world, that I found interesting…

  1. CSS Specificity Calculator - From Keegan Street, a nifty CSS specificity calculator. Even has an npm module you could use on your own.

  2. Search Libs - A nice online tool that allows you to search for JavaScript libraries by Kamil Tomšík. I like the fact that you can search by number of dependencies.

  3. How JavaScript works: an overview of the engine, the runtime, and the call stack - On Sessionstack’s Medium blog, CEO and co-founder Alexander Zlatkov writes, “This post is meant to be the first in a series aimed at digging deeper into JavaScript and how it actually works: we thought that by knowing the building blocks of JavaScript and how they come to play together you’ll be able to write better code and apps.”

  4. Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends - From the Aerolab development blog, Eva Ferreira, UI Developer, writes “We decided to debunk the myths around Flexbox & Grids in order to show you the power of these two technologies working together.” This is a thorough look at how the two CSS layouts can work together.

  5. The 14 JavaScript debugging tips you probably didn’t know - Raygun’s blog has a lot of great tips on how to debug JavaScript in the browser.

Keep Rising,

Kevin B. Ridgway

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