Five Frontend Things Friday #17

Here are five things in the Frontend Engineering world, that I found interesting…

  1. Must-Watch CSS - From Matt Smith’s github, last week was the Must-Watch JavaScript, this week I’m featuring the CSS repo! Some great content here.

  2. Faux Grid Tracks - From Eric Meyers, on the Alistapart blog, about the approach for styling CSS grids. Good rundown from a long time CSS and web standards adovacate, and author of seven CSS books. ;)

  3. The most essential list of resources for Front-End beginners - On David Dias’s github, a really good list for beginners.

  4. Javascript and Functional Programming: An Introduction - Omer Goldberg, on the great Hackernoon blog, talking about JavaScript and functional programming, a good intro.

  5. 11 React Component Libraries You Should Know In 2018 - Some good UI libs to checkout for React from Jonathan Saring, on the Bit blog.

Keep Rising,

Kevin B. Ridgway

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