Five Frontend Things Friday #18

Here are five things in the Frontend Engineering world, that I found interesting…

  1. HTML5 Accessibility - Just as the site says, “Get the current accessibility support status of HTML5 features across major browsers. Editor’s draft, December 2017”.
  2. I just asked 23,000 developers what they think of JavaScript. Here’s what I learned. - I hope you participated in Sacha Greif’s Annual JavaScript Survey, here are the results!
  3. From Bootstrap to CSS Grid - From Natalya, a FE Dev at The NY Times’ Open blog on Medium, she outlines how the NYTimes started using CSS Grid.
  4. THE ULTIMATE FLEXBOX CHEAT SHEET - From Sean Fioritto author of “Sketching with CSS”, he gives a nice cheatsheet on Flexbox.
  5. WebToolsWeekly Newsletter - From Louis Lazaris, a weekly curated newsletter about, you guessed it, web tools!

Keep Rising,

Kevin B. Ridgway

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